Apple now makes smart battery cases for the iPhone XS and XR


The iPhone XR has pretty great battery life, but the iPhone XS, not so much. Apple on Tuesday released smart battery cases for the iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max. They’re available now for $129 (£129, AU$199).

The new battery cases come in black or white, are wireless Qi charging compatible, have Lightning-out ports and, according to Apple, they’ll work with USB-PD fast charging systems, probably via Lightning to USB-C adapters. 

They also have that familiar battery bulge that was on previous models. (Here’s my review of the first one for the iPhone 6S.)

Like Apple’s previous line of smart battery cases, they’ll charge via Lightning independently, show battery status in iOS under the ‘battery’ widget, and discharge the case’s battery before tapping into the phone’s battery supply.

Mophie’s iPhone XS and XR battery cases are expected soon, with similar features.

Apple never made its own smart battery case for the iPhone X: This is the first battery case Apple’s made since the iPhone 7, and this time there’s a model for the larger XS Max and XR, too.


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